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Two peas in a pod

All babies are special, but people share a fascination for identical twins. You could be forgiven for thinking that all newborn babies look the same, but when you look into a pram and see a mirror image of two beautiful babies looking up at you it’s very sweet!

For many parents of identical twins, the fun begins when you take them home from the hospital and feel confident enough to remove the hospital tags and remember who is who. Friends and family can sometimes find this a little challenging!

Identical twins share a very special bond. In those first few weeks I usually recommend that parents keep them snuggled together side by side when sleeping. My feeling is that each baby feel reassured by the other. However, as the babies grow and develop it is important to eventually separate them at sleep times, usually around twelve weeks when they no longer require swaddling and move to sleeping bags.

As with most siblings there is a pecking order with identical twins. Thankfully there is usually one of the twins who is patient and happy to wait before feeding or at bath time. As the weeks and months pass although identical, they begin to develop their own personalities and individuality.

Double the joy? Twice the fun?..........Always!

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