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The World Through Your Baby’s Eyes

What can my baby see?

Your newborn baby’s eyes are very sensitive to light so it’s important to try and avoid exposing your baby to bright lights or direct sunlight. You may notice that your baby may appear wide eyed during the night or evenings when the lights are dimmed, this does not indicate that your baby is not tired merely because your baby’s eyes naturally focus better at night.

Eye contact with your baby is a wonderful way to bond and as the weeks pass his vision will become clearer. You may notice that your baby will occasionally appear cross eyed as you look at him but this is very normal especially as a newborn and until your baby’s vision improves and his eye muscles develop and become stronger.

In the eyes of a baby there is joy there is laughter… there is hope there is trust and a chance to shape the future

Can my baby see my face?

Very young babies can really only identify shadows and black and white objects therefore during periods of awake time after a feed when your baby is alert and calm he will begin to try and look at shapes and focus on objects that are within his line of vision.

As your baby begins to grow and develop he will naturally learn to follow an object or a face if movement is slow and controlled. There is a huge choice of educational and sensory toys to help stimulate your baby’s vision but sometimes it can be something simple such as a painting, a cushion or a piece of furniture that captures his attention.

Why does my baby suddenly become upset during play time?

Try to avoid overstimulation as your baby can suddenly become very tired and sometimes your baby may turn his head or look away as he begins processing what he is seeing. Newborn babies are very instinctive and dependent on their senses and it has been proven and although newborns may not see as clearly as adults it is understood that babies are visually stimulated as they begin to see their world for the very first time.

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