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The Big Sleep – Conquering the Lunch Time Sleep

For many parents settling their baby for the lunch time sleep from 12pm-2pm can be challenging.

It’s important that your baby is ready to transition to the next step of their development. I would usually recommend that babies around three months are more settled at night and are ready for more play time during the day with less naps and more structured sleeping.

When your baby reaches twelve weeks her Morro or startle reflex will have disappeared so transitioning your baby to a sleeping bag from a swaddle and from the Moses basket to her cot is an exciting stage in her development.

A day without sleep for a baby is like a cupcake without frosting

Top tips to help you and your baby

  1. Keep the morning nap short 9am-9.45am so she is ready for her sleep at 12pm
  2. Plenty of play time after her morning feed including tummy time/nappy free play.
  3. Be responsive and follow her cues for tiredness.
  4. Prepare her for her nap at 12pm and settle in her cot.
  5. Give her a few minutes to self soothe when putting her down.
  6. Be consistent if she wakes crying and continue to settle her in her cot
  7. If she becomes distressed pick her up, reassure her and then re-settle.

Consistency is the key to success!

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