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The arrival of a sibling…

A beautiful moment with mixed emotion… For many the last few weeks of pregnancy can be an emotional roller-coaster. Many fear that the bond with their second baby will not be as strong a connection as with their first.

It’s important to spend time preparing your child in the months leading up to her siblings arrival. Depending on her age it can be difficult to explain that the bump in your tummy will soon be coming home, joining the family and that she will soon be a big sister.

In my experience for many parents it is the logistics of having two children that can be challenging, making sure that both their needs are being met. Trying to keep the ship on an even keel! And look after yourself at the same time. Life become a balancing act!

Although for many parents having your first baby is daunting because parenthood is a leap in to the Unknown and of course you have nothing to compare it to.

Sometimes life with two will feel like a balancing act! As with all things it will get easier… It just takes a little time!

Here are a few top tips for those early weeks when one becomes two...

  • When it comes to routine try and schedule both lunchtime naps together. This will give you a little down time or even a snooze!
  • Include your little one in the baby’s routine – maybe she can help change a nappy, choose an outfit or help with bath time?
  • Toddler behaviour can be challenging with a new arrival, pushing boundaries. Distract bad behaviour and reward the good. Your child is unlikely to get angry with the baby but she may get angry with you for a little while this is normal and will not last.
  • Avoid any unnecessary big changes for the first few months, i.e. potty training, removing dummy or making the transition from cot to bed. All of these can wait for a few months.
  • Awareness of how she may feel coming in and seeing you holding the baby. Of course your baby needs you too so, when you can, allow lots of mummy time with your big girl and let daddy have a cuddle with the baby.

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