Baby academy testimonials and reviews

“My 7 month old daughter has never been a good sleeper both during the day and at night . Me and my partner were at a point where we thought this was it – our lives would constantly be spent going back and forwards trying desperately to get our baby to settle in her own cot . Every moment we put her down from our arms her eyes would ping open – resulting in 1 of us having to pick her up , rock her to sleep endless amounts of times before we gave up and let her sleep next to us or in our arms .

I then contacted Vickie who put together a whole new sleep / feed routine . At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it , but Vickie reassured me and gave me the confidence I needed to get things started . My daughter now sleeps in her OWN cot from 19.00- 5.30 and naps regularly throughout the day . I feel like a brand new women and my daughter seems so much more settled and happier with this new routine .

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the constant support I had from Vickie – who I contacted regularly when I was having a difficult period trying to settle my baby.

Vickie provides an absolutely outstanding service and has a real passion for you and your babies wellbeing . I have already recommended her to several friends!!!” Chelsea from Bristol.

“I stumbled across Vickie’s page one sleepless night and decided to get in touch with her. My 5 month old baby had not been sleeping for a month and I needed some help. From the onset, Vickie was friendly and approachable and we arranged a FaceTime call. Vickie made a new routine for my son and gave us some tips to help in the night. Within days, my son was sleeping better than he had been in a month and the routine was going really well. We now finally get some sleep at night and he naps well in the day too!! We are really grateful to Vickie for helping us sort this out and I would 100% recommend her to anyone else who needs any sleep help!” Josie from Cornwall 

“I met Vickie online right before our second baby was about to arrive. I had heard fabulous reviews about Vickie but was a bit apprehensive how we would go about it online. But we have been managing things in a wonderful way through Skype sessions and emails. Vickie has not only guided me about how to organise my baby’s routine from day one but has also been available through prompt email messages, be it in the middle of the night, when the baby went off track with his routine… She is a fabulous person and has lifted my spirits and encouraged me to hang in their especially when the baby was struggling to come into a routine in his initial weeks…And Guess what….by the end of 2 months, thanks to Vickie, my baby is sleeping through the night!! Her individualised daily routine helped us immensely!!…wishing you the best of luck and success with the SOS baby service”  Sara from India

“As soon as Vickie arrived, she immediately put our minds at rest. She assured us that with some modifications to our daughter’s feeding and napping schedules, along with a few tricks of the trade, we would see a big change in our daughter. And my goodness we did! Within a few days of Vickie’s arrival, our daughter was sleeping through the night (7:00 pm to 7:00 am), napping at set times and for set durations and feeding at set times. She went from being a temperamental, clingy baby to a happy, relaxed, independent little girl, who now happily drifts off to sleep on schedule listening to soft lullabies..”

“Vickie unquestionably has enormous skill with babies, having cared for more than 100 infants during her career as a maternity nurse and sleep training expert. She also has tremendous skill with parents. She is a wonderful educator and works hard to equip parents with the wherewithal and confidence to care for their own child.”“There is nothing dogmatic about her style – she adjusts her approach to fit with each family’s parenting style and lifestyle. She is a true team player, ultra low maintenance and just a wonderful person to have at this watershed in a family’s life. I could not recommend her more highly.”  Sally


“Vickie Bowles came to us in January 2012 for 4 weeks after the birth of our second child. My only regret is that I did not book Vickie to stay with us longer – but only because she’s such a delight to have around! She has left us with a baby who is very calm, content and easy; who has a routine which suits her but that also suits the rest of the family.”“Vickie is a first class maternity nurse.

She genuinely loves children; she knows exactly what to do with baby but is never bossy; she is sensitive, self-contained, discreet and unobtrusive; she is calm, happy and a pleasure to be around. More particularly, she was an invaluable support and help to my husband and I as we struggled to get our two year old used to her new sister.”“I have no hesitation in recommending Vickie. In my view, anyone who has her as their maternity nurse is fortunate indeed.” Caroline


“We were very fortunate to have Vickie Bowels as our maternity nurse. She took care of our first daughter for 6 weeks and did so with lots of care, authority and love. Our daughter had a stressful delivery and as a result would not settle down easily, cried a lot and would not sleep. ““She arrived earlier than expected and so Vickie actually joined us a week after the birth. The first week without Vickie was very difficult, at the end of which I felt exhausted and desperate. Upon her arrival, Vickie put us immidietly on a feeding and sleeping schedule. She was able to calm the baby down and give me confidence and rest.

I learnt a lot from her about breast feeding, expressing, putting the baby to sleep, washing the baby, taking care of some skin conditions, calming the baby down, playing with her, etc… My husband, who was concerned about having a stranger live with us, got along very well with her.”“On his request, she showed him how to bath, feed and play with the baby, which he does everyday with enthusiasm and involvement. Most important, our daughter was very relaxed and happy with Vickie. She gained weight nicely and was sleeping through the night already at seven weeks! It was very apparent that the two of them had a special bond. I was very sad when Vickie had to leave, however, she gave me so much knowledge and prepared me very well to managing with the baby. I highly recommend her and surely intend to employ her again in the future.” Chen


“Vicky worked with us for two weeks during the first half of Feb 2010. She hit the ground running from the day she arrived and we felt much relieved to have her experienced and steady support at hand. Vicky fit right into our household and adapted herself to suit our requirements. She handled our baby son with loving care and helped us set a routine for him. We were able to learn both by watching her and also by discussing her reasons for adopting specific methods which she was very good at elucidating. We still find ourselves following a number of the methods she taught us.”“I have no reservations in recommending her as an expert maternity nurse.” Anu & Ranjit


“Vickie was with us for 6 weeks, looking after our newborn identical twin boys, and we only wish she could have stayed longer!”“She arrived when the babies (who were born prematurely at 33 weeks) were just 4lbs and gave us much needed support – both practical and emotional – after what had been a difficult pregnancy and some tough early days while the twins were still in hospital. Her considerable experience looking after newborn multiples was very reassuring and meant that many of the early worries that premature babies could have caused were calmly dispelled.”“Vickie is very practical, tidy and organized – she helped us set up the babies’ room and advised on bits of kit, pushchairs etc.

She got the boys into a fantastic 4 hourly routine and has left me with all the tools we need to continue doing this. Before she left, Vickie taught me lots of practical skills including how to feed both boys simultaneously. Her considerable experience looking after babies means that she has a wide knowledge base to pass on and leaves you feeling equipped to deal with the practical and emotional trials, tribulations and joys of managing baby twins!”“Not only is Vickie incredibly competent and professional at all times, but she is warm, friendly and evidently adores the babies who are lucky enough to be in her care. You will be very fortunate if you babies are among them.” Jemima


“We employed Vickie Bowles for the birth of our 2nd son in March 2010 for six weeks. Her duties were twenty four hour care for 6 days a week of the new baby which included keeping his room tidy and doing his laundry.”“We found Vickie to be very professional in every aspect of her job. We felt we were in extremely safe hands with her. In addition Vickie is very easy to live with, is extremely helpful around the house and keeps herself to herself in the evenings.”“Our other son was nearly four when the baby arrived and Vickie was especially good at involving him with all her duties to ensure he felt included.”Emily


“Vickie Bowles worked as my night nurse from October 2009 to January 2010 when my second child, Brody, was born.”“I felt secure leaving Brody in Vickie’s care at night right from the start. She was incredibly kind and loving to Brody, and was especially patient with him as he was quite colic in his infancy. Vickie was also incredibly helpful getting Brody on a schedule from “day 1” and offered continued advice on that front as Brody grew with age.”“Moreover, Vickie was very kind to my 2+ year old son, Owen. Owen was very curious about Brody and his routine and Vickie was more than happy to include Owen and make him feel like a great big brother to Brody.”

“Beyond Vickie’s nursing duties, I was also quite impressed and very much appreciative of Vickie’s punctuality. She was not only always on time, but would often come early, and would not hesitate to lend a hand even though she wasn’t officially “on the clock”. Similarly, she would gladly extend her nightly duties into the morning feed if she sensed that it was one of those hectic mornings!”“Vickie never felt like a stranger in our house – she has a wonderful disposition and is a pleasure to chat with. It was always so nice to see her warm smile when she’d enter our flat!”“It is clear from watching Vickie handle Brody that she absolutely adores babies and is truly in a profession that she loves. I’d be more than happy to speak in further detail about Vickie should you require any more information.” Kate


“Vickie was our maternity nurse for 8 weeks in April/May and June 2011, and I could not recommend her highly enough … in fact if I were to have another child hers would be the first number I would call.”“Vickie came into our house as a warm, engaging, loving presence and from the outset made a huge difference to both Max and me. She instantly bounds with newborns and they are happy and calm in her presence. She also got us both straight onto a routine that really worked for us, and made it easy for me to breast feed. Throughout her time with us I found her to be a brilliant “problem solver” as we talked a lot about making little tweaks to Max’s schedule to make things easier / better for him / me.

She knows so much about every aspect of bringing up babies that you can trust her with anything. In fact by the time Vickie left us at 8 weeks – Max was already sleeping from 10.30 through the night!”“Vickie was also a fantastic person to have in the house. Great fun and very easy company. We have a busy house and she built a great relationship with me, my husband, my nanny and my 2 year old (especially my 2 year old). She knew exactly when to be there to help and instinctively knew when to blend into the background.”“All in all Vickie is a truly fabulous maternity nurse” Sarah

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