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Sweet Dreams Baby – choosing the right mattress for my baby’s cot

For many parents transitioning your baby in to a cot can be a little daunting at the beginning. During the first twelve weeks your baby has been happily swaddled and settled beautifully in to her Moses basket. Once the startle reflex disappears around three months it’s a perfect time to switch your baby into a sleeping bag and move her to her cot.

There is an amazing choice of cots and cot beds for your baby with many different variety of cot mattresses. Choosing the right mattress is a safe sleeping space for your baby and essential for a good nights sleep for you and your family.

Let them sleep and when they wake they will move mountains

What should parents be aware of in terms of safety when choosing a mattress?

It is essential that the mattress you choose for you baby is flat, firm and offers your baby lots of support as she sleeps. Ordering the correct size mattress for your cot is also important, making sure that there are no gaps and fits your baby’s cot perfectly. Your chosen cot mattress should be both breathable and hypoallergenic complying with safety regulations.

1. What should parents look for in a cot mattress?

It is important that which ever cot mattress you order complies with British safety regulations regarding fire retardancy.

2. How often should you change a cot mattress?

A new mattress for your baby’s cot should last about five years, if it is well looked after and remains firm and supportive and intact you may continue to use it for a little longer.

3. How has cot mattress technology changed in recent years?

Technology has certainly moved on when it comes to choosing a mattress for your baby. All products are rigorously tested and includes lots of testing to comply with the British Safety Standards.

Finally, a few of our Top Tips……

  • Body support – Keeping your baby supported from new-born to toddler.
  • Durability – It’s important that you look after your cot mattress to ensure it stands the test of time.
  • Safety first – Always check that your mattress complies with all British safety standards.

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