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The inspiration for my merino baby snugs came from many years helping parents dress their babies. Dressing your baby in those early weeks can be a little overwhelming. Keeping it practical and comfortable is always a good plan! My hand-knitted luxury baby snug will compliment your baby’s wardrobe, whether styling up a sleep suit or an outfit for a special occasion.

I love living by the sea ( I moved to Cornwall in 2002 and enjoyed a happy childhood in Brighton) and designed my baby snugs to reflect life on the Cornish coast. The knitters and designer all live locally and share my passion for sourcing local materials. Each snug is knitted by hand specially for your baby – you choose from 3 beautiful colours, 3 Swiss Darned coastal designs and 3 sizes.

The snugs are easy to put on your baby and fasten with a simple sea shell button. The blend of merino wool has been super-washed which is practical,washable,soft and cosy next to you baby’s skin and perfect for all seasons. Beautiful stylish and makes the perfect gift.

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