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We’re extremely proud of our many five-star Baby Academy reviews from happy parents with settled babies! Take a look below and see what our clients say about us.

Immediately Warm and Loving

We adored having Vickie, she was immediately warm and loving towards all of my children but especially my baby. She was so flexible and really tried to understand my baby’s needs but also how to fit him into a routine with my other two young children. She made me feel calm with her presence and has made such a positive impact on my relationship with my baby. She really became part of our family for the time she was with us.

Streatham, London

I found Vickie's support to be invaluable

As a first time mother I found Vickie’s support to be invaluable at a time when local classes and groups are unable to take place in person. This is a very tough time for any parent and Vickie made sure I had the contact and input I needed to face the challenges of newborn life. Our Video meetings were relaxed, informative and most importantly, tailored to my needs. There is a huge amount of conflicting advice out there and I felt the difference here was that Vickie reviewed my issues and individual needs and created a personalised plan to suit me and my baby. I would highly recommend Vickie’s services to any parent seeking guidance in the postnatal period. I just wish I had found her sooner!

Dublin – Baby SOS

Supportive, Caring and Knowledgeable

I was recommended Vickie by a friend when I was expecting my twin boys. From the moment that Vickie came to see me and the boys at the hospital when they were a few hours old, she has been the most supportive, caring and knowledgeable maternity nurse I could have wished for.

Vickie has an incredible sense of awareness and always knew how to integrate herself perfectly with all my family’s dynamics and other children. Luckily, Vickie was able to stay with us until the boys were six weeks old. In these first crucial weeks, Vickie helped to find a fantastic routine that we were all happy with, especially because it always put in its centre my own feelings and ideas.

I hired Vickie again as a sleep consultant when my boys were nine months old. In the space of just one week, my twins’ feeding, sleeping and play time routine was synchronised and since then they have been sleeping 12 hours at night! I would highly recommend Vickie as an amazing person, sleep consultant and maternity nurse.

Hampstead, UK

Individualised Daily Routine

I met Vickie online right before our second baby was about to arrive. I had heard fabulous reviews about Vickie but was a bit apprehensive how we would go about the Baby SOS service online, but we have been managing things in a wonderful way through regular Skype sessions and emails. Vickie has not only guided me about how to organise by baby’s routine from day one, but has also been available through prompt email albeit in the middle of the night when the baby went off track with his routine.

She is a fabulous person and has lifted my spirits and encouraged me to hang in there especially when the baby was struggling to come into a routine in his initial weeks. And Guess what, in two months, thanks to Vickie, my baby is sleeping through the night! Her individualised daily routine helped us immensely!


Vickie is a Lovely, Positive Person

Vickie came to us when my daughter was four months old and we were lucky to have her with us for two months. Straight away I wished we could extend this!

Vickie was an instant hit with my baby and had a very calming influence on our household. Within days Vickie had introduced a nap and feed routine that suited baby and had her sleeping in the day more than I had ever managed.

With her years of experience and knowledge of babies, Vickie was invaluable for advice and support with every fresh challenge that each new phase brings. I miss our daily debriefs over supper very much!

Vickie is such a lovely positive person to have around and her every thought is for the child she is looking after and how to make them the happiest healthiest baby they can be.

Vickie worked to implement an adaptable routine which has enabled us to enjoy this precious time with our happy, well-rested and thriving baby.

Earlsfield, UK

Asleep Within an Hour of Vickie's Arrival!

We were pretty desperate when Vickie came to stay with us for a week. Our 17-week-old baby boy was waking very 30-40 minutes at night and cried all day. Having been described as ‘the most challenging baby’ our doula has ever met, we had little hope things could be improved.

However, after following Vickie’s guidance with her support the next night he only woke four times! I hadn’t taken him out in the pram in over a month as he always cried, but he was asleep in the pram within an hour of Vickie’s arrival!

He has continued to improve at night and he is now a happy laughing boy. She has not only helped us both get more sleep but has also helped us become more confident parents. Thank you!

London, UK

Individualised Daily Routine

My seven-month-old daughter has never been a good sleeper both during the day and at night. My partner and I were at a point where we thought this was it – our lives would constantly be spent going back and forwards trying desperately to get our baby to settle in her own cot. Every moment we put her down from our arms her eyes would ping open – resulting in one of us having to pick her up, rock her to sleep endless amounts of times before we gave up and let her sleep next to us or in our arms.

I then contacted Vickie at the Baby Academy and she put together a whole new sleep/feeding routine. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, but Vickie reassured me and gave me the confidence I needed to get things started. My daughter now sleeps in her own cot from 19:00 – 5:30 and naps regularly throughout the day. I feel like a brand-new woman and my daughter seems so much more settled and happier with this new routine.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the constant support I had from Vickie – who I contacted regularly when I was having a difficult period trying to settle my baby. Vickie provides absolutely outstanding service and has a real passion for you and your baby’s wellbeing. I have already recommended her to several friends!

Bristol, UK

Vickie is an Utter Natural with Babies

Wonderful Vickie! Vickie is a kind, caring, supportive and utter natural with babies. Wanting to ensure that we started out ‘on the right path’, we had numerous telephone consultations with Vickie after the birth of my daughter. Becoming a new parent is daunting enough but once you throw in a reflux baby for good measure after a testing birth, having that support and knowledge was priceless.

It is not just this that makes Vickie so wonderful, it is that she actually listens to you and your needs and works with you to ensure that you are happy and confident with the plan that you make. She takes her time to understand what you are and are not comfortable with and then helps you take the right steps in order to achieve a calm household. She goes above and beyond. Thank you, Vickie!

London, UK

Vickie Transformed Our Situation

Vickie came to help get our five-month-old into shape – he was waking every couple of hours, refusing a bottle and taking hours to go down for a nap or to sleep at night. With just a few simple adjustments she was able to transform the situation in the space of just a week. She was very sensitive to our particular needs and priorities and a pleasure to have around. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone considering getting some external help. She has real expertise, an unfathomable amount of experience, and a magical touch. I wish she could have stayed for longer!

London, UK

Baby Now Sleeps 11-12 Hours Every Night!

Vickie came to see us at the beginning of the month as I was at my wits end! Our second baby was so different to our first and just wouldn’t sleep longer than 2 hours. We followed Vickie’s advice and tweaked her routine – she now sleeps 11-12 hours every night!

St Austell, UK

Highly Recommend Vickie!

Following five months of no more than a couple of hours broken sleep a night, reading books, trying out some of the techniques, plus thinking I should wait until six months, I decided to call Vickie – I had read about Vickie in a Facebook forum and how she had made a huge difference to one family. I wasn’t sure, but had nothing to lose.

It was such a super phone call to hear the confident words, ‘yes I can help get your baby to sleep’. Really? One month on with a firmer routine in place, we have just experienced our third night in a row of sleeping through. Yes, really! Thanks to Vickie, she is worth every penny spent.

It’s not just the initial consultation, it’s the follow ups, checking in, guidance and support she offers, which was just invaluable to me. This wasn’t an overnight fix, there was lots of hard work involved to put our baby on the right track, but it’s paid off and it feels fantastic. Vickie not only has a great manner and skill set but gives you the confidence needed to make the necessary changes.

Our family is a much, much happier one because of Vickie, her work and our commitment together to make a change.

Truro, UK

10 Stars in My Book!

Caring, knowledgeable, thoughtful, understanding are just a few words that spring to mind. I spoke to Vickie on the phone just a few times before she arrived at our house, at which point I felt as though she was already part of the family. My five-month-old baby adored her and as such I was instantly at ease. She adopts a gentle approach and gets immediate results.

Vickie travelled to Brussels for us and she hit the ground running. After only a short stay we have not only seen a dramatic improvement at night but she also gave me the ‘tools’ and confidence to help my little one with his daytime naps and weaning. This lady is pure gold.

Brussels, Belgium

Discreet, Helpful and Informative

I couldn’t recommend Vickie enough. She manages to get you into a routine without you realising that she’s even done it or how for that matter. The fact that my daughter and I slept for a solid three hours just an hour after Vickie’s arrival to our home is a testament for the environment that she creates.

Throughout her stay she was incredibly discreet, helpful and informative; answering all the questions we had throughout the day and night. I can’t imagine having a better start at home with our little one, and that’s all thanks to Vickie!

Earlsfield, UK

Wonderful Support and Guidance

Vickie has been a wonderful source of support and guidance. As a new parent the start of my parenthood journey was difficult and I often felt like I was alone and drowning in contradicting advise from parenting books. I found it hard to find clarity and doubted myself.

Vickie was a help on many fronts from setting up and adapting routines to just being there via email and phone to listen and give advice. She has helped me find my confidence which has helped me find enjoyment in parenting. Thank you, Vickie, for the amazing work you are doing.

Newquay, UK

Vickie's Support Gives Confidence

Vickie came to us for six weeks to help me settle in with my new-born baby. She was excellent and provided lots of advice and approaches to any issues that arose. Vickie also provided support allowing me the confidence to carry on once she left. She was an absolute joy to have in the house and I missed her when she left not only because of her help with my daughter but also because she was great company.

Plymouth, UK

Baby SOS a Tremendous Help

Vickie was a tremendous help for us with our six-month-old. She had a genuine interest in both his well-being and ours. She is a great listener and very responsive to emails. Thank you very much!

Munich, Germany