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Reflux: What Are the Symptoms and How Can You Help Your Baby?

Reflux is a very common condition in babies and it usually passes by the time your little one reaches their first birthday. Reflux occurs when your baby’s oesophagus is under-developed and the acid in their tummy that helps them to break down her milk, sometimes when mixed together it can come back up causing your baby to show signs of discomfort.

As your baby’s digestive system matures, the symptoms of reflux will disappear.

If you are worried that your baby may either suffer from reflux or that your baby is not drinking enough milk and have concerns that your baby may be dehydrated or losing weight, it is always best to speak to your GP or Health Visitor and they will discuss various medications that will help the reflux symptoms.

Is your baby sick either during or after feeds?

Is he/she fussy or upset during the feed and sometimes refuses to drink?

Excessive crying or showing signs of distress after feeds?

Difficulty during winding or refusal to burp during feeds with lots of back arching?

Difficulty settling especially when laid flat?

Below are our top five positive steps to help you and your baby:

  1. Give lots of gentle winding throughout your baby’s feed. Try to distract them from crying during burping. Reassurance and interaction will help your baby to remain calm.
  2. Try feeding your baby smaller amounts and often. It can help to keep a feeding diary to monitor their daily intake.
  3. If you are bottle-feeding your baby, try giving them a thicker milk. There are lots of brands to choose from but be sure to seek advice and avoid changing formula too quickly.
  4. Keep your baby upright for 20 minutes after each feed to help the milk to settle.
  5. Avoid restrictive clothing around your baby’s tummy and keep them comfortable.

For any new parent, it is extremely difficult to hear your baby cry and reflux can be very challenging, but it will get easier as your baby grows and develops and the reflux disappears.