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Posted on: March 21st, 2019 by Vickie


The first few weeks with your new baby are very exciting…. However, it can also be a time with little sleep.

I can help ….We can work together to implement some routine and structure… offering support, understanding and guidance, giving you the confidence to look after you and your baby and love every precious moment.

A good night’s sleep is only a phone call away!

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Baby Sleep Home Consultation

  • Implementing a routine for your baby.
  • The importance of helping your baby to self soothe

We all love sleep. Waking up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. One of the biggest concerns for new parents is sleep deprivation. Your baby needs sleep to grow and develop, maintaining the right balance of sleep and wake time is so important.

Your baby has a very short attention span, especially in the first few weeks. Feeding can be very tiring for babies, they usually want to be settled shortly after their feed. Overstimulation and wanting to play with them for long periods of time can be exhausting, your baby can then become over tired and may not settle easily.

The sleep, feed and wake time cycle needs to be closely monitored, it is important to learn to read your baby. What does he need? Babies always cry for a reason. As the weeks progress the signs will get easier to read and his cries will be different as he tries to tell you what he needs.

A few simple steps in the first few weeks will help your baby become a relaxed, settled sleeper.

Home Visits £200

A Sleep Story…

“Victoria Bowles worked for our family for two weeks in September 2009 to sleep train our daughter, Noémie, who was three months old at the time. Vickie had previously worked with us in 2005 in London as the maternity nurse to our then newborn twin boys. We had has such a wonderful, educational experience with Vickie the first time around that we begged her to return for a second time, but due to prior commitments, she was unable to. She had only a two week window in September 2009, when our daughter would be three months old, which she agreed to set aside should we need her to finesse our daughter’s routine at that point. Thus, we confidently set off with another maternity nurse, in the knowledge that Vickie would be available to troubleshoot any problems should they arise.

As the three-month mark approached, we quickly realised that we would need Vickie’s help after all. Our daughter was fussy and not close to sleeping through the night, as we had hoped.

As soon as Vickie arrived, she immediately put our minds at rest. She assured us that with some modifications to our daughter’s feeding and napping schedules, along with a few tricks of the trade, we would see a big change in our daughter. And my goodness we did! Within a few days of Vickie’s arrival, our daughter was sleeping through the night (7:00 pm to 7:00 am), napping at set times and for set durations and feeding at set times. She went from being a temperamental, clingy baby to a happy, relaxed, independent little girl, who now happily drifts off to sleep on schedule listening to soft lullabies.

Vickie unquestionably has enormous skill with babies, having cared for more than 100 infants during her career as a maternity nurse and sleep training expert. She also has tremendous skill with parents. She is a wonderful educator and works hard to equip parents with the wherewithal and confidence to care for their own child. There is nothing dogmatic about her style – she adjusts her approach to fit with each family’s parenting style and lifestyle. She is a true team player, ultra low maintenance and just a wonderful person to have at this watershed in a family’s life. I could not recommend her more highly.” Sally

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