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Is my baby unwell?

Helping your baby through illness

It’s every parent’s worst fear when their baby becomes unwell. It can be especially worrying if you have a young baby. Learning to read the signs and picking up on any symptoms that your baby may have can be tricky. A toddler or an older child can tell you how she is feeling or where it hurts, but with a baby it’s really more of a process of elimination. Sometimes the symptoms can be difficult to spot!

Trust your instincts

My experience in looking after babies tells me to always trust your instincts. As a mother you know your baby better than anyone, if you are concerned that your baby may be unwell then always seek medical advice. I would always suggest to parents to sign up for a first aid course, this is the best way of learning all the necessary information to look after your baby should she become unwell.

My experience in looking after babies tells me to always trust your instincts.

Signs your baby is unwell

Illness in babies can vary, it could be due to a reaction from a vaccination, or it may be a winter cough or cold. If you think your baby is showing signs of being unwell then have a good look at her and observe her behaviour. Is she responsive to your voice? When you touch her does she feel clammy or too hot? Or a little cool? Taking your baby’s temperature is the best way to determine if there is something wrong.

If your baby is showing any of the following symptoms and you are worried then always contact your Doctor:

  1. Raised temperature
  2. Vomiting
  3. Tummy upset
  4. Very sleepy or unresponsive
  5. Refusing feeds
  6. Agitated

As your Baby gets older the symptoms will become easier to spot. Before offering your baby any medicine, always read the label and check the required dosage with your Doctor or Pharmacist.

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