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How can Cranial Osteopathy help my baby?

What is Cranial Osteopathy?

Cranial Osteopathy is gentle manipulation of a baby’s head and spine to help increase freedom of movement and reduce any discomfort caused from birth trauma or a difficult delivery.

It is non-invasive and its aim is to re-balance systems of the body to enable them to work effectively.

What are the benefits of Cranial Osteopathy for my baby?

  • It can help improve your baby’s sleep
  • Relieve symptoms of colic or trapped wind
  • It can help reduce swelling and bruising due to a fast delivery
  • Helps restore your baby’s freedom of movement
  • Relieves any post-delivery pressure in your baby’s head and neck

My first experience of Cranial Osteopathy for babies was early on in my career and to be honest when my client at the time suggested that we make an appointment to take James aged just 6 week old at the time, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. This practice had been recommended by her GP and she had read lots of positive reviews about cranial treatment for babies suffering from stress or babies who had experienced long labour or a difficult delivery.

I was very intrigued, so we attended the clinic together. James had shown signs of stress and discomfort from the very beginning. It was very distressing to witness, and James seemed permanently angry with the world. His arms and legs would be constantly thrashing about and swaddling him was the only way of calming him down. I watched as the Osteopath began his first session with James and I must admit it was amazing to witness his magic and instantly watch as James began to slowly relax and seemed so much calmer. At the end of the first session James was noticeably more relaxed and looked very sleepy.

James had a further two sessions with the cranial osteopath in the weeks that followed, and the difference was amazing. James was so happy, and his sleeping improved within a couple of days. I would always highly recommend cranial osteopathy to parents who have similar issues with their baby. Your GP or Health Visitor may be able to recommend a practice in your area.

What are your thoughts on Cranial Osteopathy?

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