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Baby Sleep Support at Home

The first few weeks with your baby are very exciting. Getting to know each other and gaining the confidence to look after your new arrival. My Baby Bliss Workshops offer practical advice, support and guidance from the comfort of your own home and at your convenience.

Working together to introduce structure and routine, The Baby Academy aims to help you and your baby get some much-needed sleep and enjoy every precious moment with your new arrival.

Vickie Transformed Our Situation

Vickie came to help get our five-month-old into shape – he was waking every couple of hours, refusing a bottle and taking hours to go down for a nap or to sleep at night. With just a few simple adjustments she was able to transform the situation in the space of just a week. She was very sensitive to our particular needs and priorities and a pleasure to have around. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone considering getting some external help. She has real expertise, an unfathomable amount of experience, and a magical touch. I wish she could have stayed for longer!



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What’s Included?

Working together to implement a tailored routine

A 20-minute baby massage

Discussion about your pregnancy and baby delivery

Discussion regarding your health, wellbeing and fitness

Understanding your baby

Post-natal depression – spotting the warning signs

The family dynamic – siblings and bonding with Daddy

A question and answer session


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