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“Back on Track” Home Consultation

We all have routine in our everyday life, and your baby is no exception. In the first few weeks it is important to try and implement a routine for your baby. It will make life easier for you and your family.

As babies grow and develop their needs change and sometimes we cant always explain why. It can be something as simple as a growth spurt, the reason can also be seasonal. In the summer the early daylight can disturb a babies sleep pattern, babies can also be sensitive to a new environment, going on holiday, time zones. Whatever the reason it is very easy for a baby to come out of the routine, this consultation will help you to re-establish the routine you had, or help you introduce a routine that suits you and your family.

In the first few months there are always tweeks that can be made to improve the routine and solving them swiftly is always a priority.

I would ask all parents that between booking the consultation and our meeting it would be a great help for parents to keep a diary of the following information

  • Sleep Times
  • Feed Times
  • Play Time
  • Nappies

It can also be relevant to discuss the family history and the baby’s medical history. We can discuss a plan of action and how best to proceed and work towards getting your baby “back on track”

“parent coaching is tailor-made to meet the individual needs of your family”

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