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'It's hard to put into words how much working with The Baby Academy helped me. I feel so much more confident and in control, and I am now excited by returning to work rather than daunted!'

Peace of mind right from the start

As a new parent, sleep deprivation can feel challenging enough, so how do you cope when it’s time to return to work? Sometimes it can be difficult to focus and your concentration can simply disappear, leaving working parents feeling emotional and isolated.

When returning from parental leave it can take a while to adjust back to work, this can lead to anxiety and loss of confidence. For many parents, returning to working life after having a baby can feel like a rollercoaster of emotions, including guilt and apprehension and balancing working life and parenthood.

Making the transition from pregnancy
to parenthood easier

How can I help?

My ‘Welcome To The World‘ Support Package is a thoughtful and practical baby gift for employees going on to parental leave. My baby gift offers peace of mind, advice and guidance to employees who could use help with feeding, routines and sleep. This includes a tailor-made routine to suit every family.

Helping parents to help their babies to sleep through the night, feed well and establish routines will be a very welcome gift both for tired parents and employers who are eager to help achieve a happy and productive workplace.

I work closely with parents / carers via zoom/skype to troubleshoot issues arising in those early weeks as new parents and we work together to find solutions for parents to implement. The accessibility of my support package means we can work together at their convenience and from the comfort of their own home inspiring confidence and reassurance.

Vickie Bowles

Inspiring Confidence and positivity


What is included in our ‘ Welcome to the World‘ Gift Package?

The Baby Academy

'Welcome to the World ' Corporate Gift Package


What’s Included?

Welcome brochure for parents including a little baby gift from my sister company Coastal Baby

5 x pre-arranged 45 minute consultations via zoom/skype

Unlimited emails for 12 weeks

A tailor-made routine for you and your baby

1 x 30 minute follow-up call

Corporate Baby Package Welcome Pack
Coastal Baby Beanie

Individualised Daily Routine

I met Vickie online right before our second baby was about to arrive. I had heard fabulous reviews about Vickie but was a bit apprehensive how we would go about the Baby SOS service online, but we have been managing things in a wonderful way through regular Skype sessions and emails. Vickie has not only guided me about how to organise by baby’s routine from day one, but has also been available through prompt email albeit in the middle of the night when the baby went off track with his routine.

She is a fabulous person and has lifted my spirits and encouraged me to hang in there especially when the baby was struggling to come into a routine in his initial weeks. And Guess what, in two months, thanks to Vickie, my baby is sleeping through the night! Her individualised daily routine helped us immensely!


I found Vickie's support to be invaluable

As a first time mother I found Vickie’s support to be invaluable at a time when local classes and groups are unable to take place in person. This is a very tough time for any parent and Vickie made sure I had the contact and input I needed to face the challenges of newborn life. Our Video meetings were relaxed, informative and most importantly, tailored to my needs. There is a huge amount of conflicting advice out there and I felt the difference here was that Vickie reviewed my issues and individual needs and created a personalised plan to suit me and my baby. I would highly recommend Vickie’s services to any parent seeking guidance in the postnatal period. I just wish I had found her sooner!

Dublin – Baby SOS

Individualised Daily Routine

My seven-month-old daughter has never been a good sleeper both during the day and at night. My partner and I were at a point where we thought this was it – our lives would constantly be spent going back and forwards trying desperately to get our baby to settle in her own cot. Every moment we put her down from our arms her eyes would ping open – resulting in one of us having to pick her up, rock her to sleep endless amounts of times before we gave up and let her sleep next to us or in our arms.

I then contacted Vickie at the Baby Academy and she put together a whole new sleep/feeding routine. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, but Vickie reassured me and gave me the confidence I needed to get things started. My daughter now sleeps in her own cot from 19:00 – 5:30 and naps regularly throughout the day. I feel like a brand-new woman and my daughter seems so much more settled and happier with this new routine.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the constant support I had from Vickie – who I contacted regularly when I was having a difficult period trying to settle my baby. Vickie provides absolutely outstanding service and has a real passion for you and your baby’s wellbeing. I have already recommended her to several friends!

Bristol, UK