The Dream Baby Feed……Myth or Magic?

Posted on: March 10th, 2017 by Vickie

Feeding your baby

When it comes to the dream feed for your baby the opinions are very much divided? For many parents waking a sleeping baby should never happen especially if it takes the longest time to get her to sleep? However if correctly managed the dream feed is a positive step towards helping your baby to sleep through the night?

So are you brave enough to try?

When it comes to sleep cycles, babies can usually only manage one long period of sleep and naturally the preference would be the second half of the night between midnight and 6am? The advantage of the dream feed is to offer your baby some milk around 10.30pm  just before you go to bed, let her take as much as she requires, wind her and then gently settle her back in her bed. It’s not necessary to change your baby unless you suspect a dirty nappy.

Here are 5 of our Top Tips for a successful  dream feed…….

  • A night light in the nursery avoiding any bright lights.
  • Before lifting your baby have everything ready.
  • Avoid stimulation and keep voices to a minimum
  • Let your baby decide how much she wants to drink
  • Gently wind as usual finishing with a cuddle on your shoulder for a few minutes to help any trapped wind to escape before settling.

The dream feed will help the night feed gradually move towards 7am  and many parents continue with the dream feed until weaning their baby  between five and six months even if their baby only drinks a couple of ounces of milk.In my experience over  the last 20 years as a maternity nurse I  would highly recommend  using  the dream feed method as a positive step towards a  successful nights  sleep for you and your baby….Magic!


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