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Baby SOS via Skype

Our Baby SOS Support Packages offer advice and guidance to parents around the world via Skype. Tailor-made to suit the individual needs of your family, offering support remotely and working together to troubleshoot any issues that may arise in those early weeks as new parents, advising on implementable solutions as well as answering your questions and inspiring confidence.

CONFIDENCE, COMMITMENT AND CONSISTENCY are the stepping stones to helping you and your baby sleep achieving a good nights sleep every night!

Before embarking on your sleep training journey, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Do I feel confident?
  2. Am I committed?
  3. Will I remain consistent?

CONFIDENCE, COMMITMENT AND CONSISTENCY are the stepping stones to helping you and your baby sleep achieving a good nights sleep every night!

To successfully sleep train your baby a consistent bedtime routine is essential, balanced with routine daytime naps, structured feeding, and as your baby grows and develops, plenty of play time!

Mother and Baby

Baby Sleep Essentials – Helping you and your baby enjoy a successful nights sleep

  • A consistent bedtime routine
  • A tranquil space and a quiet place
  • A full tummy
  • A clutter free cot
  • Swaddled with love (0-3 months)
  • A dream feed around 10.30pm

Consistency is an important part of your baby’s bedtime routine and includes a warm bath every night before bedtime. While you are preparing her bath bring her change mat in to the bathroom and she can enjoy some nappy off playtime! After her bath include a relaxing massage before getting her ready for bed.

As part of your baby’s bedtime routine before her feed you can prepare your baby for sleep by drawing the curtains or closing the blinds reducing the light making a tranquil space and a quiet place for a calm bed time feed.

After a relaxing bath and massage your baby will be hungry and ready for her feed. At the end of the day both you and your baby will be tired but it’s important that you enjoy this quality time together, maybe a few songs or nursery rhymes to soothe her during her feed. Helping your baby to burp at regular intervals of her feed will help her to settle and sleep successfully.

Regarding safe sleeping it’s important that your baby’s cot or sleep space remains clutter free avoiding soft toys and loose blankets and cot bumpers. Wherever possible use natural breathable fibres like 100% Cotton to avoid your baby overheating while sleeping.

I always recommend swaddling your baby right from day one until your baby loses her Moro(startle) reflex between 12-16 weeks. Babies love to be swaddled it offers security, warmth and successful sleeping.

SLEEP PROMOTES SLEEP for your baby and structured daytime naps are really important for your baby’s growth and development as well as supporting a successful nights sleep. Time, patience and consistency will encourage your baby to become a settled sleeper.


Beautiful Baby Erdem

It was a pleasure to look after this lovely family living in Pakistan after the safe arrival of their second baby through our Skype support service and this beautiful little boy was sleeping through the night at just 8 weeks…

“I met Vickie online right before our second baby was due to arrive. I had heard fabulous reviews about Vickie but I was a bit apprehensive as to how we were going to go about it online. However we managed things in a wonderful way via Skype sessions and emails. Vickie has not only guided me about how to organise my new baby’s routine from day one but she has also been available through prompt emails and messages, sometimes even during the night if we went a little bit off track with the routine. Vickie is a fabulous person and has lifted my spirits and encouraged me to hang in there especially when my baby was struggling with his routine in his initial weeks. By the end of our Skype sessions at eight weeks thanks to Vickie my little boy was sleeping through the night. Vickie’s individualised daily routine helped us immensely and we wish Vickie the best of luck with her Baby SOS Support packages!”

Please see our Baby SOS page for further details about our Baby SOS Skype Support Packages or to book an initial complimentary phone consultation.

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