BABY SOS Sleep Consultancy Skype Packages

My Baby SOS Sleep Consultancy Skype packages offer support, advice and guidance to parents around the world over Skype. Tailored made to the needs of your family, I work closely with parents to troubleshoot any issues that arise in those early stages and advise on implementable solutions. Offering guidance remotely and being a friendly resource to ask questions to inspire confidence.

The accessibility of Baby SOS Sleep Consultancy Skype packages means we can work together at your convenience from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you live.

There are three packages depending on your requirements and they start from £75.00. Please find further info below.


“I met Vickie online right before our second baby was about to arrive. I had heard fabulous reviews about Vickie but was a bit apprehensive how we would go about it online. But we have been managing things in a wonderful way through Skype sessions and emails. Vickie has not only guided me about how to organise my baby’s routine from day one but has also been available through prompt email messages, be it in the middle of the night, when the baby went off track with his routine…

She is a fabulous person and has lifted my spirits and encouraged me to hang in their especially when the baby was struggling to come into a routine in his initial weeks…And Guess what….by the end of 2 months, thanks to Vickie, my baby is sleeping through the night!! Her individualised daily routine helped us immensely!!…wishing you the best of luck and success with the SOS baby service”  Sara 

  • Have you recently had a baby?
  • Feeling isolated?

    Whether you are living a 100 miles away or 10,000 miles away I can help you.

I offer a choice of three bespoke packages to suit your every requirement.

Gold Package £295
10 x day package includes
10 x pre-arranged 30 minute skype/ft calls
3 x video demonstrations
Unlimited emails for 10 days
Tailor-made routine for your baby
Baby list for your nursery

Silver Package £150
5 x day package includes
5 x pre-arranged 30 minute skype/ft calls
Unlimited emails for 5 days
Tailor-made routine for your baby

Bronze Package £75
2 x day package includes
1 x pre-arranged 60 minute skype/ft call
Unlimited emails for 2 days
Tailor-made routine for your baby.


“My 7 month old daughter has never been a good sleeper both during the day and at night . Me and my partner were at a point where we thought this was it – our lives would constantly be spent going back and forwards trying desperately to get our baby to settle in her own cot . Every moment we put her down from our arms her eyes would ping open – resulting in 1 of us having to pick her up , rock her to sleep endless amounts of times before we gave up and let her sleep next to us or in our arms .

I then contacted Vickie who put together a whole new sleep / feed routine . At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it , but Vickie reassured me and gave me the confidence I needed to get things started . My daughter now sleeps in her OWN cot from 19.00- 5.30 and naps regularly throughout the day . I feel like a brand new women and my daughter seems so much more settled and happier with this new routine .

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the constant support I had from Vickie – who I contacted regularly when I was having a difficult period trying to settle my baby.

Vickie provides an absolutely outstanding service and has a real passion for you and your babies wellbeing . I have already recommended her to several friends!!!”

Chelsea from Bristol.

“Vickie was a tremendous help for us with our six month old. She had a genuine interest in both his well-being and ours. She is a great listener and very responsive to emails”. Thank you very much

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