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Baby Sleep Solutions – How can I help my baby become a settled sleeper?

Why are we scared of Sleep Training our babies?

For many parents the mere mention of the phrase  ‘sleep training ‘  can cause fear, stress and anxiety. In actual fact routine rather than regime is implementing some gentle structure to your baby’s daily life helping you to avoid feeling exhausted and overwhelmed as new parents.

When can I begin a routine for my baby?

Implementing baby sleep solutions can begin from day one offering peace of mind right from the start. Your baby requires sleep to grow and develop so maintaining the right balance of sleep, feeds and wake time is hugely important. A few simple steps in the first few weeks will help your baby become a relaxed settled sleeper.

Why should I use a routine for my baby?

Babies thrive on routine much like us in our everyday lives. We all participate in our daily routine. What time we wake up. What time we have lunch. Routine brings calm to our daily lives rather than chaos and your baby is no different.

Our Top 5 Strategies for successful baby sleep solutions.

  1. Swaddle your baby for the first 12 weeks – your baby will feel warm, calm and secure.
  2. Wake and feed your baby every three hours during the day to encourage longer periods of sleep at night.
  3. For the first few weeks expose your baby to noise and light between 7am-7pm and then settled in a quiet space between 7pm-7am.
  4. After a week or so include a relaxing bath/massage for your baby each night as part of your bedtime routine.
  5. I always recommend a dream-feed every evening at 10.30pm.

If you have decided that routine is for you and your baby then following the 3 C’s are the stepping stones to success.




A Baby SOS success story…

My seven-month-old daughter has never been a good sleeper both during the day and at night. My partner and I were at a point where we thought this was it – our lives would constantly be spent going back and forwards trying desperately to get our baby to settle in her own cot. Every moment we put her down from our arms her eyes would ping open – resulting in one of us having to pick her up, rock her to sleep endless amounts of times before we gave up and let her sleep next to us or in our arms.

I then contacted Vickie at the Baby Academy and she put together a whole new sleep/feeding routine. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, but Vickie reassured me and gave me the confidence I needed to get things started. My daughter now sleeps in her own cot from 19:00 – 5:30 and naps regularly throughout the day. I feel like a brand-new woman and my daughter seems so much more settled and happier with this new routine.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the constant support I had from Vickie – who I contacted regularly when I was having a difficult period trying to settle my baby. Vickie provides absolutely outstanding service and has a real passion for you and your baby’s wellbeing. I have already recommended her to several friends!

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