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Hi, I’m Vickie. I’m a Baby Sleep Trainer and Baby Consultant.

We all love sleep. It enables us to wake up feeling recharged, refreshed and ready to start the day ahead. One of the biggest concerns for new parents is sleep deprivation. Your baby needs sleep to grow and develop, so maintaining the right balance of sleep and wake time is hugely important.

Your baby has a very short attention span, especially in the first few weeks. Feeding can be very tiring for babies and they usually want to be settled shortly after their feed. Overstimulation and wanting to play with them for long periods of time can be exhausting; your baby can then become over tired and may not settle easily.

Our aim is to make the transition from pregnancy to parenthood easier.

The sleep, feed and wake time cycle should be closely monitored and it is important to learn to read your baby’s signals. What does he or she need? Babies always cry for a reason. As the weeks progress the signs will get easier to read and his cries will be different as he tries to tell you what he needs. A few simple steps in the first few weeks will help your baby become a relaxed, settled sleeper.

What are the benefits of a baby sleep trainer?

The Baby Academy

I offer gentle sleep solutions to help you and your baby get those much-needed forty winks and enjoy every precious moment together.

My aim is to give new parents the confidence and guidance to look after your baby and I want to give parents peace of mind right from the start. Relaxed and confident parents equal a happy baby!

The Baby Academy

Inspire Confidence

Professional support gives you the confidence to look after your new arrival.

Tailor-Made Solution

I will advise on a simple, implementable strategy to suit your individual needs.

Resolve Sleep Issues

Work together to improve the quality of sleep for you and your baby.

Hi, I'm Vickie

I founded The Baby Academy in 2013

After many years supporting families around the world as a Maternity Nurse, I launched The Baby Academy in 2013 in order to help parents and their newborn babies in Cornwall get the best possible start.

I recently created Baby SOS; a remote service to help parents struggling with sleep issues via FaceTime/Skype and email. For families preferring a visit I also offer a Baby Bliss Home Consultation.

Vickie - Baby Sleep Trainer at The Baby Academy
Coastal Baby

Coastal Baby

Our Merino baby knitwear range from Cornwall

Over the last 20 years I have cared for many babies from birth and appreciate first-hand the challenges facing new parents when dressing their little ones. It’s essential that clothes are both comfortable and practical.

During my career I have struggled to find an easy yet practical solution to keep babies warm and comfortable which is why I came up with the idea for our Merino baby knitwear and nursery range, Coastal Baby.

What inspired you to set up The Baby Academy?

My inspiration for setting up The Baby Academy came from an idea of wanting to set up sleep workshops for parents in small groups in the comfort of their own home. I have worked as a maternity consultant for many years and during that time I have been approached many times by friends of clients, the questions range from bedtime routines and swaddling your baby to simple winding tips, sometimes the simplest piece of advice can make such a difference.

I want our sleep workshops to give new parents the confidence and guidance to look after your new baby. I want to give parents peace of mind right from the start; relaxed confident parents equal a happy little baby!

What makes The Baby Academy unique?

I feel that my work as a maternity consultant is very unique, many people say I have the best job in the world, to watch babies grow and develop in to little people with individual personalities is wonderful. Launching The Baby Academy was really just an extension of what I already do.

My workshops include advice on sleeping, implementing a routine and feeding, plus 20 minutes of baby massage with refreshments and finally a Q&A. The workshops are designed to advise and support new parents and make the transition from pregnancy to parenthood easier.

How does running a business fit around family life?

My family life living by the sea in Cornwall is a complete contrast to my working life in London. It can be very hard working away from home during the week, the majority of my maternity work has been in London and Europe.

I have worked in some amazing cities: New York being a favourite! Setting up any new business takes time to get established but I now work in Cornwall and in London.

Last year inspired by my coastal living and many years dressing babies I launched a range of beautiful Merino knitwear, which now includes baby snugs, pram blankets, nursery cushions, baby leggings, pom-pom hat and a hair accessory bag with matching headband; a perfect gift for little girls!

You can visit the Coastal Baby shop by following the link!