About the Baby Academy

“as a consultant it is essential for me to offer my clients lots of support and guidance”

What inspired you to set up The Baby Academy?

My inspiration for setting up The Baby Academy came from an idea of wanting to set up pre- natal and post-natal workshops for parents in small groups in the comfort of their own home. I have worked as a maternity consultant for many years and during that time I have been approached many times by friends of clients, the questions range from bedtime routines and swaddling your baby to simple winding tips, sometimes the simplest piece of advice can make such a difference.

I want our workshops to give new parents the confidence and guidance to look after their new baby. We also offer post-natal parent coaching and sleep training. We want to give parents peace of mind right from the start. Relaxed confident parents equals a happy little baby!

What makes The Baby Academy unique?

I feel that my work as a maternity consultant is very unique, many people say I have the best job in the world, to watch babies grow and develop in to little people with individual personalities is wonderful. Launching The Baby Academy this year is really just an extension of what I already do. I feel that the pre-natal and post-natal workshops are unique in that they are hosted at home in small group, . many of which would be groups of friends who are going through pregnancy together or post-natal groups ie NCT.

Our workshops cover a range of set topics. Baby Sleep Training, The post-natal workshop also include 20 minutes of Baby massage, Refreshments and finally a Q&A. The workshops are designed to advise and support new parents and make the transition from pregnancy to parenthood easier.

How does running a business fit around family life?

My family life living by the sea in Cornwall is a complete contrast to my working life in London. It can be very hard working away from home during the week, The majority of my maternity work has been in London and Europe.

I have worked in some amazing cities… New York being a favourite! Setting up any new business takes time to get established. I now work in Cornwall and London.

Baby AcademyThe Baby Academy was launched in 2013

The idea came from wanting to put together pre-natal and post-natal workshops for parents in a relaxed home enviroment. combined with post-natal parent coaching. and “back on track” home consultations many of my clients loved the idea!

I moved from london to cornwall in 2002. I love living by the sea and having worked in london as a maternity nurse for the last 17 years it’s a complete contrast!

Consulting combined with the workshops is the perfect combination and means that i can spend more time at home in cornwall. as a consultant it is essential for me to offer my clients lots of suport and guidance? i consider my role to be that of a teacher. parents need to feel confident that they can look after the needs of their baby? the core of the parent coaching is to observe in the first instance, then offer advice and guidance on how a situation can be improved? also to help them implement a routine with some structure to suit their family dynamic.