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With many years of experience working as a maternity consultant, I set up The Baby Academy in 2013 to provide sleep training for families struggling with sleepless nights.

Offering bespoke advice tailored to your baby’s needs, there are a number of different packages available, from the Baby SOS Skype consultation (starting from £75), home visits to the Baby Bliss workshop.

If you are an exhausted new parent struggling with broken sleep, and looking for support and guidance, then get in touch today. Contact for a free initial consultation on 07811 218686 or vickie@thebabyacademy.co.uk


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Discover The Baby Academy’s Baby Merino Knitwear Range

The new Baby Merino Knitwear range offers easy yet practical ways to dress newborns in the right temperatures. Hand knitted in Cornwall and coastal in style, each item is made to order. Baby Cardigans (Baby Snugs) Baby Leggings and Baby Accessories with Cushions and Pram Blankets 

The Baby Academy
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Anna Louise Pinkerton
Anna Louise Pinkerton
Thank u so much for my beautiful blanket. it came quick so happy just 2 wait for baby now lol
Chelsea Genge
Chelsea Genge
. My 7 month old daughter has never been a good sleeper both during the day and at night . Me and my partner were at a point where we thought this was it - our lives would constantly be spent going back and forwards trying desperately to get our baby to settle in her own cot . Every moment we put her down from our arms her eyes would ping open - resulting in 1 of us having to pick her up , rock her to sleep endless amounts of times before we gave up and let her sleep next to us or in our arms . I then contacted Vickie who put together a whole new sleep / feed routine . At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it , but Vickie reassured me and gave me the confidence I needed to get things started . My daughter now sleeps in her OWN cot from 19.00- 5.30 and naps regularly throughout the day . I feel like a brand new women and my daughter seems so much more settled and happier with this new routine . I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the constant support I had from Vickie - who I contacted regularly when I was having a difficult period trying to settle my baby. Vickie provides Absolutely outstanding service and has a real passion for you and your babies wellbeing . I have already recommended her to several friends!!!read more
Maya Meron
Maya Meron
I was recommended Vickie by a friend when I was expecting my twin boys. From the moment that Vickie came to see me and the boys at the hospital when they were a few hours old, she has been the most supportive, caring and knowledgable maternity nurse I could have wished for. Vickie has an incredible sense of awareness and always knew how to integrate herself perfectly with all my family’s dynamics and other children. Luckily, Vickie was able to stay with us until the boys were 6 weeks old. In these first crucial weeks, Vickie helped to find a fantastic routine that we were all happy with, especially because it always put in its centre my own feelings and ideas. I hired Vickie as a sleep consulted when my boys were 9 months old. In the space of just one week, my twins’ feeding, sleeping and play time routine was synchronised and since then they have been sleeping 12 hours at night! I would highly recommend Vickie as an amazing person, sleep consultant and maternity nurse!read more

About me.

After years working for families across the world as a live-in maternity consultant, I launched The Baby Academy in 2013, with a specific focus on helping families in Cornwall.  

I’ve created tailored consultancy packages to help parents struggling with broken sleep. 

Last year, I was inspired by my coastal living and launched our baby merino knitwear range, which now includes baby snugs, pram blankets and nursery cushions. 

Designed in Cornwall Coastal style and made with Merino wool. Visit our shop for more information. 


“giving you the confidence and support to help you have peace of mind from the start...”

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